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Sharon Cardwell

Sharon Cardwell

Business Development

Sharon is our introductions manager, making sure you feel at home while you get to know us during our initial meetings, by blending her love of people with her accounting and business background.

If you’ve ever experienced the trepidation of the first day at a new school, you likely experienced the warmth of that one super friendly student that helped you find your locker, your homeroom and probably ate lunch with you. The person that fills that role at Providence Financial is Jefferson City native Sharon Cardwell. She has mid-Missouri woven into her DNA from spending long summer days on her grandparent’s farm near Hermann, filling her childhood with memories of pinochle and strawberry picking with Grandma and riding the tractor with Grandpa. Her entrepreneurial parents taught her hard work and business acumen through the many businesses and rental properties they owned throughout their careers.

After graduating from Jefferson City High School, she earned an accounting degree from Southwest Baptist University, which opened the door for the internship where she met her future husband, Allan, also a Jefferson City native, with whom she shares two children and one Havanese dog (although it is rumored that she shares the children more readily than the dog).

Upon returning to Jefferson City she worked as an accountant for Scholastic and the Missouri Baptist Foundation before following in her parent’s footsteps to start her own scrapbooking business with Creative Memories, which she ran for over a dozen years. Her love of getting to know people and helping them tell their stories propelled her to the top 1% of the sales force, earning 9 trips along the way (her favorite was a Mediterranean Cruise).

Her business acumen combined with her friendly, affable nature ensures you are comfortable as you go through the process of deciding if we are the right folks to help you guide your finances in your retirement years.


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