Client Access

Clients of Providence Financial have two ways to view their accounts.
Learn the difference between the two portals and access your accounts below.

Account View

Account View

Think of Account View as the “detailed” view for all your accounts held at LPL. 

Use Account View to:

  • View copies of all statements, documents, & tax forms

  • Sign up for e-delivery to avoid getting so much paper mail

  • See all account details (transactions, performance, history, etc).

Note: Account View does not contain complete information on account held outside of LPL.

Click the button below to go to the Account View online site. You can also download the Account View app to view on your mobile device.



eMoney is total wealth management software to help you track all your financial information. Think of eMoney as your “planning resource.” In eMoney, you can link all financial accounts, even those held outside of LPL.

When you meet with Providence Financial for review meetings, we will often use eMoney to analyze your forward-looking financial plan. 

Use this account to:

  • View all financial accounts, income figures, expense figures

  • Access links to bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

  • Track debt management

  • See income and net worth estimates for every year for the rest of your life

  • Track goals and objectives

  • Store, send, and receive documents securely through VAULT

Click the button below to go to the eMoney online site. This software is not yet available as an app.